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About William

William Doonan is a writer and anthropology professor in Sacramento, CA.  He has spent years working as an archaeologist, and years lecturing on cruise ships, traveling the world and speaking on issues as diverse as the Trojan War, piracy in the Adriatic, and the peopling of the Americas. And he loves a good mystery!

He has written lots of stories - you can have a look by clicking the "
Short Stories" button.  He has also written four mystery novels, Grave Indulgence, published in 2012, Grave Passage, published in 2009, and Mediterranean Grave, published in 2011.  All three books recount the adventures of Henry Grave, an octogenarian detective who solves crimes on cruise ships.

He has also written American Caliphate, a mystery novel about two archeologists returning to Peru after an ambush that nearly cost Jila her life. Still, the draw of the find that could change everything we know about the history of Western Civilization is critical: if they can get to the truth, a truth someone doesn't want them to know about.

William received my B.A. from Brown University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Tulane University.

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William Doonan, who grew up in Ridgewood, has just published a mystery novel, "Grave Passage." His hero, Henry Grave, is a professional maritime detective who is sent to investigate the murder onboard a cruise ship of an ex-F.B.I. profiler. Read more >>


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